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A bird's eye view

The pond complex "In der Litzer", planned by the state of Rhineland-Pfalz and supervised by the fishing club Prüm 1967 eV, is the center of the species protection project


"Eifel brown trout and river pearl mussel"

Here our broodlings grow into single-sea trout, are then infected with glochidia from the pearl mussel and kept for another 9 months. Afterwards, the young fish are brought into the project rivers, in which the mussel larvae fall away a little later and are distributed in the gravel gap system.

Beaded mussel glochidia preferentially and demonstrably infect young brown trout and as we have been informed, it works particularly well with fish from our breeding.

The gentle rearing in near-natural earth ponds with low stocking densities as well as the omission of any form of medicinal treatment of the fish are guarantors for high quality and vital "Eifel brook trout".


The four smaller earth ponds each have an area of ​​180 m² and the spawning pond an area of ​​1450 m².

For some years now, enclosures have been protecting the ponds against the invasion of fish-eating birds (gray herons and cormorants), which are increasingly leading to losses in breeding.


However, we have to struggle a lot with the now very dry summer months and the continually falling groundwater level, which makes it more and more difficult for the system to be adequately supplied.


So it happened that the first efforts in 2013 to electrify the system using photovoltaic modules were undertaken to ensure regenerative cycle operation.

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