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Species Conservation Project

Eifel brown trout

and freshwater pearl mussel

Spawning & Fertalisation

Every December we organize the spawning of the farmed trout in the Litzer pond.


In our hatchery, the fertilized eggs are taken care of until hatching and the trout larvae are fed to the brood

Caring for wildlife

Not all offspring are involved in the pearl mussel projects, some of them serve to preserve the game populations.

Freshwater Pearl Mussel

Mussel glochidia come from our project partners - the infection is usually carried out in August.


Breeding station

The pond system

"In the Litzer"

Home of the conservation project

The facility has been the heart of trout breeding since 1991, and has been supervised by the Prüm 1967 eV fishing association, especially for the species protection project planned and built by the state of Rhineland-Pfalz.

The modernization of the plant has been in progress since 2016 and will adapt the location to the new environmental conditions.

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