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Due to the dry summer months and the low rainfall, sometimes in the fall, it is sometimes necessary to supply the pond system with water in circulation, for this the use of pumps and pond aerators is essential - which, however, require energy.

Initially, this was generated by units that were only needed for a short time, but when an increasingly long-lasting cycle operation was necessary, another solution had to be found.


So it happened that the first efforts in 2013 to electrify the system using photovoltaic modules were undertaken to ensure regenerative cycle operation.


In 2014, a revised project planning provided for an open area elevation with 20 kWhp output and its own operating building to house and maintain the technology. Various regional companies took part in the tender.


Financing could also be drawn up by the end of 2014. Only the approval process dragged on until spring 2016. After further official hurdles, the construction work began with the civil engineering work and foundation laying from August 2016. The system is currently being expanded and since July 2017 the PV system has been supplying the pond system with energy. After the automation is complete, the system is controlled by a PLC for optimal use of the generated energy.

The PV system is configured as an island system - so it has no connection to the local power grid - so the pond system "In der Litzer" is 100% self-sufficient.

The operating building supplies the field distributors at each pond with energy and compressed air.

The circulation pumps convey over 100,000 liters / hour from pond 5 into the inlet trench via the underground DN110 pump lines. At the same time, the coolness of the earth lowers the water temperature while it is being pumped through the pipes.

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