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The HVB procedure

... brood under

               High voltage

... back to the past with today's technology

... of the "primeval code" and "waking sleeping genes"

The "High Voltage Breeding" (short HVB) is an innovative process in which the fertilized trout eggs are raised in a high voltage field. This experimental procedure is used here (as far as we know) for the first time outside of a laboratory for the cultivation of salmonid eggs. The purpose of the application is to counteract the domestication caused by breeding or degeneration and the production of wild fish-like properties.

The basis for the experiments is the use of E-fields on plant seeds to germination, which is largely described on the Internet as the "primeval code method". Which are inspired by the book "Urzeitcode" and the experiments described therein, carried out in Switzerland in the 1980s.

A large part of the genome of complex organisms consists of so-called "junk DNA", unused information - the proportion in humans, in JDNA, is over 90%. The impact of the field favors the use of this information contained in the genetic material so that it comes into play in the development of the organism.

To test this method, a special hatching channel had to be manufactured, with which it was possible to generate a high-voltage field around the undercurrent boxes. A modified laboratory power supply enables the electrodes to be charged with voltages in the kilovolt range and thus enables very high field densities to be generated.


One of the main problems was to isolate such high voltages from the humid environment in the hatchery in order to ensure safe operation - corresponding levels of insulation could be achieved using polymer materials and potting agents. It took around 4 months from the first sketch to the ready-to-use pool.


The fish that have been raised with the E-field so far had a higher fertilization / hatching rate, show increased growth and are extremely shy. Due to the pronounced escape reflex, they are particularly suitable for reintroduction and thus to support the stock or to relocate to streams.

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