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The water quality of
      Willwerather reservoir       

water samples 

The water quality is crucial for the well-being of our fish. To sum it up in a few words: Good water - healthy fish.


In order to ensure the water quality, we started taking water samples at different points in our body of water in 2022 in order to regularly check the quality of our body of water.  We bring these values together in a comparison table in order to be able to identify deviations at an early stage and counteract them as quickly as possible.


Water pollution or water pollution is man-made pollution of surface waters (rivers, lakes, seas) and groundwater with sometimes toxic substances, through the discharge of sewage, the washing out of pollutants introduced into the soil (fertilizers, etc.) or illegal dumping. Even in low concentrations, residues of pesticides, biocides and other chemicals can have an impact on the environment and human health

our wildlife have.

Therefore, we are all dependent on keeping our waters clean and free from contamination. Information on unusual water discharges or substances around the Willwerath reservoir

or other waters, we are happy to accept, also anonymously.

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